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Journal Article
Gobin, O. C.; Martinez Joaristi, A.; Schüth, F. Multi-Objective Optimization in Combinatorial Chemistry Applied to the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with C₃H₆. Journal of Catalysis 2007, 252, 205–214.
Journal Article
Schüth, F.; Baumes, L.; Clerc, F.; Demuth, D.; Farrusseng, D.; Llamas-Galilea, J.; Klanner, C.; Klein, J.; Martinez-Joaristi, A.; Procelewska, J.; Saupe, M.; Schunk, S.; Schwickardi, M.; Strehlau, W.; Zech, T. High Throughput Experimentation in Oxidation Catalysis: Higher Integration and "Intelligent" Software. Catalysis Today 2006, 117, 284–290.
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