Publications of R. S. Stoll

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Journal Article
Stoll, R. S.; Peters, M. V.; Kuhn, A.; Heiles, S.; Goddard, R.; Bühl, M.; Thiele, C. M.; Hecht, S. Photoswitchable Catalysts: Correlating Structure and Conformational Dynamics with Reactivity by a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009, 131, 357–367.
Journal Article
Peters, M. V.; Stoll, R. S.; Goddard, R.; Buth, G.; Hecht, S. On the Illusive Nature of o-Formylazobenzenes: Exploiting the Nucleophilicity of the Azo Group for Cyclization to Indazole Derivatives. Journal of Organic Chemistry 2006, 71, 7840–7845.
Journal Article
Stoll, R. S.; Severin, N.; Rabe, J. P.; Hecht, S. Synthesis of a Novel Chiral Squaraine Dye and its Unique Aggregation Behavior in Solution and in Self-Assembled Monolayers. Advanced Materials 2006, 18, 1271–1275.
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