Publications of Miquel Garcia-Ratés

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Garcia-Ratés, M.; Becker, U.; Neese, F. Implicit Solvation in Domain Based Pair Natural Orbital Coupled Cluster (DLPNO-CCSD) Theory. Journal of Computational Chemistry 2021, 42, 1959–1973.
Journal Article
Altun, A.; Garcia-Ratés, M.; Neese, F.; Bistoni, G. Unveiling the Complex Pattern of Intermolecular Interactions Responsible for the Stability of the DNA Duplex. Chemical Science 2021, 12, 12785–12793.
Journal Article
Garcia-Ratés, M.; Neese, F. Effect of the Solute Cavity on the Solvation Energy and its Derivatives Within the Framework of the Gaussian Charge Scheme. Journal of Computational Chemistry 2020, 41, 922–939.
Journal Article
Garcia-Ratés, M.; Neese, F. Efficient Implementation of the Analytical Second Derivatives of Hartree–Fock and Hybrid DFT Energies Within the Framework of the Conductor‐Like Polarizable Continuum Model. Journal of Computational Chemistry 2019, 40, 1816–1828.
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