Publications of Luca Torkowski

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Journal Article
Alvarez, E. M.; Bai, Z.; Pandit, S.; Frank, N.; Torkowski, L.; Ritter, T. O-, N- And C-Bicyclopentylation Using Thianthrenium Reagents. Nature Synthesis 2023, 2, 548–556.
Journal Article
Alvarez, E. M.; Karl, T.; Berger, F.; Torkowski, L.; Ritter, T. Late‐Stage Heteroarylation of Hetero(Aryl)Sulfonium Salts Activated by α‐Amino Alkyl Radicals. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021, 60, 13609–13613.
Journal Article
Berger, F.; Alvarez, E. M.; Frank, N.; Bohdan, K.; Kondratiuk, M.; Torkowski, L.; Engl, P. S.; Barletta, J.; Ritter, T. Cine-Substitutions at Five-Membered Hetarenes Enabled by Sulfonium Salts. Organic Letters 2020, 22, 5671–5674.
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