Publications of Alois Fürstner

Book Chapter (24)

Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Multicomponent Catalysis for Reductive Bond Formations. In Organic Synthesis Highlights IV; Schmalz, H.-G., Series ed.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2000; pp 123–129.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. The Reformatsky Reaction. In Organozinc Reagents: A Practical Approach; Knochel, P., Jones, P., Series Eds.; Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1999; pp 287–305.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A.; Hupperts, A.; Seidel, G. ETHYL 5-CHLORO-3-PHENYLINDOLE-2-CARBOXYLATE [1H-Indole-2-Carboxylic Acid, 5-Chloro-3-Phenyl-, Ethyl Ester]; Martin, S. F., Series ed.; Organic Syntheses; Organic Syntheses, Inc.: USA, 1999; Vol. 76, pp 142–150.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. The McMurry Reaction and Related Transformations. In Transition Metals for Organic Synthesis: Building Blocks and Fine Chemicals, Vol. 1; Beller, M., Bolm, C., Series Eds.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 1998; Vol. 1, pp 381–401.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Supported Metals. In Active Metals. Preparation, Characterization, Applications; Fürstner, A., Series ed.; VCH: Weinheim, 1996; pp 381–426.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Syntheses of Biologically Relevant Target Molecules by Transition Metal-Induced C-C-Bond Formation. In Organic Synthesis via Organometallics (OSM 5); Helmchen, G., Dibo, J., Flubacher, D., Wiese, B., Series Eds.; Vieweg: Braunschweig, 1996; pp 309–330.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Ethyl Bromozincacetate (Reformatsky Reagent). In Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Vol. 4; Paquette, L. A., Series ed.; Wiley: Chichester, 1995; Vol. 4, pp 2402–2408.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Potassium on Alumina. In Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Vol. 6; Paquette, L. A., Series ed.; Wiley: Chichester, 1995; Vol. 6, pp 4180–4181.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Potassium–Graphite Laminate. In Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Vol. 6; Paquette, L. A., Series ed.; Wiley: Chichester, 1995; Vol. 6, pp 4226–4230.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A. Metalle als Reagentien: Grundlagen und Anwendungen in der Naturstoffchemie; Generalverwaltung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Series ed.; Jahrbuch der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft; Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht: Göttingen, 1995; pp 448–451.
Book Chapter
Fürstner, A.; Weidmann, H. ALIPHATIC CARBONYL COMPOUNDS: ALIPHATIC ALDEHYDES. In Second Supplements to the 2nd Edition of Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds: A Modern Comprehensive Treatise, Vol. I C; Sainsbury, M., Series ed.; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1992; Vol. I C, pp 1–35.
Book Chapter
Csuk, R.; Glänzer, B. I.; Fürstner, A. Graphite-Metal Compounds; Stone, F. G. A., West, R., Series Eds.; Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 28; Academic Press: San Diego, 1988; Vol. 28, pp 85–137.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Fürstner, A.; Hofer, F.; Weidmann, H. AEM-INVESTIGATIONS DISCLOSE THE STRUCTURE OF METAL-GRAPHITE REAGENTS. In ELECTRON MICROSCOPY 1990, Proceedings of the XIIth International Congress For Electron Microscopy, Vol. 4: MATERIAL SCIENCES; Peachey, L. D., Williams, D. B., Series Eds.; San Francisco Press, Inc.: San Francisco, CA, USA, 1990; Vol. 4, pp 304–305.

Talk (1)

Fürstner, A. Metallaktivierung am Beispiel Titan: Von den Morpholigischen Grundlagen zu Anwendungen in der Wirkstoffsynthese, 1997, 65–73.

Issue (1)

Fürstner, A. Selektivität durch Reaktivität; Fonds der Chemischen Industrie im Verband der Chemischen Industrie: 60329 Frankfurt/Main, Karlstraße 21, 1995; pp 195–208.

Other (1)

Fürstner, A.; List, B.; Ritter, T.; Schüth, F.; Neese, F. Walter Thiel (1949–2019). Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Wiley-VCH: Weinheim January 20, 2020, pp 1382–1383.
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