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HPLC1: View into the high-performance liquid chromatography lab I.

Modern high-performance liquid chromatograph with mass spectrometric detection to identify unknown molecules.


Liquid/liquid extraction of a preparative HPLC fraction.

Instrument for preparative high-performance liquid chromatography to purify larger quantities of analytes.

Rotary evaporators for drying up preparative liquid chromatography fractions.

HPLC lab II.

HPLC column switching for the separation of complex mixtures with subsequent chiral analysis of selected signals (“heart cut”).

HPLC system used with corrosive mobile phases (e.g. trifluoroacetic acid).

Commercial capillary electrophoresis instrument with UV-detection.

View alongside the GC lab.

GC systems equipped with different types of sampling devices.

Gas chromatograph with mass selective detector to identify unknown analytes.

Automated GC system with thermo desorber, cooled injection system, twister concentrator, dynamic headspace equipment & mass selective and olfactory detector.

Gas chromatograph equipped with injector back-flushing and MPS-2 sampler for automated injection.

Gas chromatograph equipped with MPS liquid sampler for automated injection.

Cooled Injection System (left) vs. split / splitless injection (right)

January 08, 2020

Thermal Desorption Unit with Cooled Injection System and commercial GC injector

January 08, 2020

Simultaneous divider injector with polar and apolar GC column

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