Open Access and Routine NMR

Open Access NMR

Basic NMR measurements in liquid state can be carried out in automation or high-throughput mode on a dedicated “open-access” 300-MHz NMR spectrometer at room temperature. With minimal set-up, scientific personnel from the entire institute can access this instrument around the clock to obtain rapid NMR data automatically for standard experiment. For efficient use of this shared instrument, the available experiments are limited to those with high sensitivity, high information content and rapid execution with predefined parameters, and are only run at room temperature. These experiments include short 1D spectroscopy of 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P und 11B with or without decoupling on the secondary channels. Quick 2D correlation experiments like 1H/1H COSY, 1H/13C HSQC and HMBC are also available and executed with non-uniform sampling for rapid acquisition. More advanced automation protocols like multi-solvent-signal suppression experiments are also available.

Routine NMR

Liquid samples requiring well-defined experiments but which require special setup or treatment can be submitted as “Routine NMR” measurements to the NMR department. The most common requests are for (a) uncommon experiments or nuclear frequencies not available in the automatic mode, (b) experiments at high or low temperature, (c) advanced techniques requiring optimisation of acquisition parameters (e.g. cross-relaxation experiments (NOESY, ROESY)), and (d) spectroscopy of chemical reactions and kinetics followed in real time. After a request for routine NMR is applied electronically (ELNA), an appointment is scheduled at the earliest suitable time with one of our operators, who oversees the experiments and upload the raw data.

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