Stereoselective Synthesis and Catalysis

Nuno Maulide joined the University of Vienna as Professor of Organic Chemistry in October 2013. Information on his current research is available here. This web page documents the activities of his group at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung (until 2015).

We are a young and dynamic newly established Max-Planck Research Group aiming to address problems at the interface of classical organic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis and chemical biology. Our interests invariably stem from the desire to explore unconventional reactivity profiles of organic compounds.

Research Topics:

In recent years, the importance of rapidly increasing molecular complexity through highly efficient chemical transformations in synthesis has become a reality. Current research interests in group are broad in nature and span novel pericyclic reactions, catalytic asymmetric synthesis of small rings and new ylide transfer methodologies. We are also interested in stereo- and chemoselective manipulation of non-activated C-H bonds, particularly those borne by sp3-carbon centers. [more]

Research Reports:

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