Projects and Fundings

DAAD project 57445526 (since 2019, principal investigator): Collaboration with the group of Maylis Orio (Marseille, France) on the study of EPR properties of copper complexes.

ANR–DFG project “CuBISM”  (since 2019, participating member): Combining Magnetic Spectroscopy and Modern Multireference Methods to Understand the Properties of Bio-Inspired and Enzymatic Multicopper Systems.

BmBF project MANGAN 03EK3545 (2015–2020, principal investigator): Development of site-selective spectroscopies and computational methods for the characterization of synthetic manganese water-splitting catalysts.

DFG Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (since 2015, collaborating partner): Accurate energetics of open-shell systems in solution using modern coupled-cluster methods.

Participant of COST action CM1305 ‘‘Explicit Control Over Spin-states in Technology and Biochemistry (ECOSTBio)’’

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