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Journal Article
Losch, P.; Joshi, H. R.; Stegmann, N.; Vozniuk, O.; Schmidt, W. Studying Proton Mobility in Zeolites by Varying Temperature Infrared Spectroscopy. Molecules 2019, 24.
Journal Article
Joshi, H. R.; Schmidt, W.; Schüth, F. Encapsulation of Sub-Micrometer Sized Zeolites by Porous Silica – Towards a Rational Design Strategy for Functional Yolk-Shells. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2019, 282, 1–8.
Journal Article
Losch, P.; Huang, W.; Vozniuk, O.; Goodman, E. D.; Schmidt, W.; Cargnello, M. Modular Pd/Zeolite Composites Demonstrating the Key Role of Support Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Character in Methane Catalytic Combustion. ACS Catalysis 2019, 9, 4742–4753.
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