Official Functions

2010 - 2017Member of the Advisory Board of the Karl-Ziegler-Foundation
2009 - 2010President of BOSS12
2009 - 2010Coordinator of ORCHEM 2010
2009 - 2018Associate Editor of "Chemistry and Biology"
2007 - 2011Senator of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (Chemistry Section)
2007 - 2008Member of Research Assessment Exercise, RAE (Evaluation of UK Chemistry Departments)
2006 - 2007Member of the International Advisory Board of the Chemistry Department of Nagoya University (Japan)
2006 - 2011Member of the Advisory Board "Topics in Stereochemistry", John Wiley & Sons
since 2005Honorary Member of the Editorial Advisory Board "Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan"
2003 - 2022Member of the Board of Governors of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Foundation
2003 - 2023Member of the Advisory Board of "QSAR & Combinatorial Science", Wiley-VCH
2002 - 2010Member of the Editorial Board "Angewandte Chemie", Wiley-VCH
2001 - 2005Member of Scientific Advisory Board for the School of Engineering and Science, International University Breme
2000 - 2005Member of Advisory Board, "Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis", Wiley-VCH
2000 - 2022Member of Advisory Board, "Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry"
1999 - 2022Member of Selction Committee, Alfried Krupp-Prize
1999 - 2005Chairman of Selection Committee, Adolf-von-Bayer-Prize (GDCh)
1998 - 2008Member of the Advisory Board, Catalysis NRSC (The Netherlands)
1998 - 2005Member of Advisory Board, Emil-Fischer-Prize (GDCh)
since 1997Member of Editorial Board, "Topics in Organometallic Chemistry", Spinger
1997 - 2010Member of Board, Catalysis Network (Katalyseverbund) NRW
1997President of Bürgenstock-Conference
1995Vice-President of German Chemical Society (GDCh)
1994 - 2001Member of the Selection Committee, Karl Heinz Beckurts-Prize
1994 - 1999Member of Advisory Borad, "Nachrichten aus Chemie, Technik und Laboratorium"
1994 - 1998Member of Selection Committe, Carl-Duisberg-Prize (GDCh)
1993 - 2001Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Institut für Organische Katalyseforschung Rostock (Germany)
1992 - 1996Chairman of Selection Committee, August-Wilhelm-von-Hofmann-Prize (Medal, GDCh)
1990 - 1995Member of the Board, German Chemical Society (GDCh)
1989 - 1992Committee Member of Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Engeres Kuratorium)
1987 - 1988Chairman of Chemistry Department, University Marburg (Germany)
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