We are looking for Ernst Haage Prize candidates!

The Max Planck Institutes of Mülheim honor young scientists in the field of Chemistry

January 19, 2024

The Ernst Haage Prize has been honoring young talent in the German chemistry world for many years. The traditional award is now entering its next round. Nominations can be submitted until the end of May.

Since 2006 the Ernst Haage Prize for Chemistry awards young scientists for outstanding achievements in the field of chemical science and promotes particularly young academics. The award is presented by the Ernst Haage Foundation, which is based at the Max Planck Chemistry Campus in Mülheim, and is endowed with € 7,500.

Nominations are open to scientists with a doctorate who are currently working at a German research institution/university. Nominees should have their primary residence in Germany, be no more than 40 years old and not have a permanent employment contract.

Nominations may be submitted to the foundation‘s board of trustees by e-mail () from now until May 31st, 2024. A complete nomination includes a two-page laudation, a tabular curriculum vitae, a complete list of publications and up to three reprints of the nominee‘s work. Self-applications cannot be considered.

For further information on the Ernst Haage Prize, the foundation and award ceremony, please visit https://www.cec.mpg.de/en/institute/ernst-haage-award.

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