Ernst-Haage-Prize: Call for nominations

The Max Planck Institutes of Mülheim are looking for excellent young researchers again. The Ernst-Haage-Prize for Chemistry is endowed with 7500 Euro. 

March 29, 2023

This year, the Ernst Haage Foundation of the two Max Planck Institutes in Mülheim is once again offering the Ernst Haage Prize for Chemistry. 

The Ernst Haage Prize awards young scientists for outstanding achievements in the field of chemical science and promotes particularly young academics. The Ernst Haage-Foundation awards the prize which is endowed with € 7,500.

Nominees must be scientists who hold a doctorate from a German research institution/university. They should have their primary residence in Germany, be no more than 40 years old and not have a permanent employment contract.

The Ernst Haage Prize for Doctoral Students (PhDs) honors excellent researchers who have completed their PhD in the past year at the MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion or the MPI für Kohlenforschung with outstanding achievement.

Please find out more about the Prize on the website of our neighbour institute

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