MPI für Kohlenforschung MPI has developed exciting scavenger hunt with Actionbound app on the history of the institute and its research

April 12, 2021

Actionbound "Auf den Spuren der Kohlenforscher" can be played by all interested parties 


Initially planned for a first-time use on Girls' Day, the institute has developed an approximately one-hour app-supported scavenger hunt around the Mülheim Chemistry Campus. The cell phone rally starts at the old directors' villa at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz 2 and offers numerous tasks and puzzles relating to the institute and its more than 100-year research history. Participants need to download the free Actionbound app and select the bound "Auf den Spuren der Kohlenforscher" The entertaining course can be downloaded and played offline.

"Our Actionbound is suitable for anyone who feels like testing their knowledge of chemistry, taking a look at the great architecture in the Kahlenberg district and learning more about our institute and Mülheim's Nobel Prize winner Karl Ziegler," says press officer Isabel Schiffhorst.

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