Students of IMPRS-RECHARGE getting ready to welcome the first participants of the symposium

Frank Neese, director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung and speaker of IMPRS-RECHARGE opens the symposium with his keynote lecture

Stenbjörn Styring, Professor of Molecular Biomimetics at the Uppsala University talking about natural and artificial photosynthesis for Solar Fuels

Group photo of the participants in the grand lecture hall taken on 21st May, 2019

During the poster session, students and participants had the chance to present their own research

Barbecue evening in the mensa garden

Poster prizes were awarded to Eduard Glöckler and Marcell Papp at the closing ceremony on 23rd May, 2019

Students of IMPRS-RECHARGE with Peter Styring

Organizing committee of the symposium

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