Publications of Roland Petzold

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Journal Article
Halder, R.; Ma, G.; Rickmeier, J.; McDaniel, J. W.; Petzold, R.; Neumann, C. N.; Murphy, J. M.; Ritter, T. Deoxyfluorination of Phenols for Chemoselective 18F-Labeling of Peptides. Nature Protocols 2023, 18, 3614–3651.
Journal Article
Su, W.; Xu, P.; Petzold, R.; Yan, J.; Ritter, T. Ligand-to-Copper Charge-Transfer-Enabled C–H Sulfoximination of Arenes. Organic Letters 2023, 25, 1025–1029.
Journal Article
Zhao, D.; Petzold, R.; Yan, J.; Muri, D.; Ritter, T. Tritiation of Aryl Thianthrenium Salts with a Molecular Palladium Catalyst. Nature 2021, 600, 444–449.
Journal Article
Xu, P.; Zhao, D.; Berger, F.; Hamad, A.; Rickmeier, J.; Petzold, R.; Kondratiuk, M.; Bohdan, K.; Ritter, T. Site‐Selective Late‐Stage Aromatic [18F]Fluorination Via Aryl Sulfonium Salts. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 2020, 59, 1956–1960.
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