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Journal Article
Prechtl, M. H. G.; Wobser, K.; Theyssen, N.; Ben-David, Y.; Milstein, D.; Leitner, W. Direct Coupling of Alcohols to Form Esters and Amides with Evolution of H2 Using in Situ Formed Ruthenium Catalysts. Catalysis Science & Technology 2012, 2, 2039–2042.
Journal Article
Qiao, Y.; Li, H.; Hua, L.; Orzechowski, L.; Yan, K.; Feng, B.; Pan, Z.; Theyssen, N.; Leitner, W.; Hou, Z. Peroxometalates Immobilized on Magnetically Recoverable Catalysts for Epoxidation. ChemPlusChem 2012, 77, 1128–1138.
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