Welcome aboard, new apprentices! 

Seven young men and women start their career at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

September 01, 2022

They have finished school and start their career as trainees in the laboratories or in the workshops: The institute welcomes seven new apprentices. 

They come from all over the Ruhr region and are now working in the heart of Mülheim: The new trainees of the Max-Planck-Instituts für Kohlenforschung began their service on September 1. Exciting years await the young men and women on the Mülheim campus.

"This year we have hired four chemistry lab assistants, two physics lab assistants and one industrial mechanic," explains Laila Sahraoui, technician and head of the training lab at the Kohlenforschung. Once again, hundreds of young people applied for the popular apprenticeships.

But those who are good at math and English and have an interest in scientific work have a very good chance of getting one of those positions. Daniel Dotzauer is also a technician at the MPI and supports Laila Sahraoui in supervising the trainees. He  completed his training at the institute from 2016 to 2019. "It's just great to work in an international environment," he says, "and you have lots of variety at work." The fact that the scientists are always tackling new projects means it never gets boring, he says. "If you have an appetite for research and are cosmopolitan, this is the place for you!"

Currently, around 30 trainees are completing their training at the institute. The apprenticeship program is highly recognized, and the apprentices trained at the Kohlenforschung are readily taken on as employees by research institutions and industrial companies, says Laila Sahraoui. Or - like Daniel Dotzauer - they stay at the Kohlenforschung after completing their training.

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