PhD Representative

The PhD representative plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between PhD students, the academic institute, and broader networks such as PhDnet. As a spokesperson and advocate, the representative ensures that the students’ voices are heard and their needs are addressed, contributing to an enhanced academic and social environment.

Externally, the PhD representative is a connector, linking the institute's PhD students with the wider PhD net of the Max Planck Society. Internally, the representative acts as a liaison between the PhD students, the institute management, and the administration. Fei Wang’s mission is to ensure seamless communication and collaboration between these entities, promoting an exchange of ideas, resources, and opportunities that contribute to the holistic development of each PhD student.

One of the aspects of the role is to organize German language courses. By partnering with the Goethe Institute and securing financial support from KOFO (15% discount from Goethe Institute and 75% subsidy from KOFO), all PhD students and postdocs are ensured to access to valuable learning opportunities to enhance their skills and integration into the local community.

Beyond the administrative and supportive roles, the PhD representative also contributes to the social activities of the institute. Fei Wang is tasked with organizing events such as the annual KOFO Cup soccer tournament and the Halloween cocktail tour, fostering camaraderie, unity, and a sense of belonging among the students.

Transparency and open communication are fundamental to the role. The representative engages with each research group individually, fostering a space for open dialogue where concerns, suggestions, and feedback are welcomed and addressed. In essence, the PhD representative is not just a liaison but a dedicated advocate, supporter, and catalyst for improvement, committed to enriching the experience of every graduate within the Institute.

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