Single Crystal Structure Determination

Currently, there are three single crystal diffractometers in use: (Bruker AXS Mach3) with area detectors (Apex II, KappaCCD, Proteum). The X-rays are generated by rotating anodes (Bruker AXS FR591) with Molybdenum and Copper anodes, respectively.

  • Determination of the exact three –dimensional arrangement of all atoms contained in a crystalline chemical substance
  • Information about constitution, conformation, exact bond lengths and angles as well as the three-dimensional packing in the solid state
  • Measurements of organic and metal organic substances, Screening of protein crystals
  • Especially substances sensitive to air, temperature and moisture at temperatures down to -173 °C
  • Measurements of extremely small crystals using focussing X-ray mirrors
  • Determination of the absolute configuration of chiral substances


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