Events and Lectures

Events and Lectures

Lectures and visits of internationally renowned scientists, e.g., in the scope of the annual Ziegler Lectureships or the recurring seminar program "Chemistry Frontiers at the Kohlenforschung", provide a platform for scientific exchange for all researchers at the institute.

Chemistry Frontiers at the Kohlenforschung targets the broad interest of all members of different departments of the Institute and was created with the envolvement of the body of students and postdocs, who thus actively participate in designing the program and choosing the speakers.

The Institute Seminar, which usually takes place twice a year, is a platform for communication and exchange between the researchers of the different laboratories. It is an opportunity to get in touch with the other departments, listen to oral presentations and participate in a poster session.

Additionally to this, several events take place throughout the academic year - organized by the institute, the PhD-speakers or the representatives of the GDCh (Gesellschaft für Deutsche Chemiker) or the Young Chemist's Forum (JungChemikerForum). Christmas parties of the groups, sports events as well as the summer party on the Mülheim Chemistry Campus are good opportunities to get to know each other.


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