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Tran, V. A.; Teucher, M.; Galazzo, L.; Sharma, B.; Pongratz, T.; Kast, S. M.; Marx, D.; Bordignon, E.; Schnegg, A.; Neese, F. Dissecting the Molecular Origin of g-Tensor Heterogeneity and Strain in Nitroxide Radicals in Water: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Experiment versus Theory. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2023, 127, 6447–6466.
Sharma, B.; Tran, V. A.; Pongratz, T.; Galazzo, L.; Zhurko, I.; Bordignon, E.; Kast, S. M.; Neese, F.; Marx, D. A Joint Venture of Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics, Coupled Cluster Electronic Structure Methods, and Liquid-State Theory to Compute Accurate Isotropic Hyperfine Constants of Nitroxide Probes in Water. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2021, 17, 6366–6386.
Auer, A. A.; Tran, V. A.; Sharma, B.; Stoychev, G. L.; Marx, D.; Neese, F. A case study of density functional theory and domain-based local pair natural orbital coupled cluster for vibrational effects on EPR hyperfine coupling constants: vibrational perturbation theory versus ab initio molecular dynamics. Molecular Physics 2020, 118, e1797916.
Tran, V. A.; Neese, F. Double-hybrid density functional theory for g-tensor calculations using gauge including atomic orbitals. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2020, 153, 054105.
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