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Homogeneous Catalysis

Our group focuses on the development of new catalysis concepts within the areas of organocatalysis, transition metal catalysis, and, to some extent, biocatalysis. Since 1999, the List-group concentrates on enantioselective organocatalysis as a fundamental approach complementing biocatalysis and transition metal catalysis. We have a profound interest in developing “new reactions”, designing and identifying new principles for the development of organocatalysts, expanding the scope of already developed catalysts such as proline, using organocatalysis in the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceuticals, and also investigating the mechanism by which organocatalysts activate their substrates. Furthermore, in 2005 our group has first conceptualized another approach to asymmetric catalysis, namely asymmetric counteranion directed catalysis (ACDC). This idea has not only progressed within the department but also at other institutions around the globe into a general strategy for asymmetric synthesis applied in organocatalysis as well as in transition metal catalysis and Lewis acid catalysis.

Benjamin List

Prof. Dr. Benjamin List

Managing Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
since 2005
Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
since 2005
Scientific member of the Max-Planck-Society
since 2004
Honorary Professor at the University of Cologne
Group Leader at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
Post-Doc, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
PhD, University Frankfurt (J. Mulzer)
Chemistry Diplom, Free University Berlin
Born in Frankfurt/Germany
Herbert C. Brown Lecture, Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Member of the German National Academy of Science Leopoldina
Prof. U. R. Ghatak Endowment Lecture, Kolkata, India
Ta-shue Chou Lectureship, Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Prize
2nd ERC Advanced Grant
Carl Shipp Marvel Lectures, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher
Cope Scholar Award, USA
Ruhrpreis, Mülheim, Germany
Mukaiyama Award 2013
Novartis Chemistry Lectureship Award
Boehringer-Ingelheim Lectureship, Harvard University, USA
1st ERC Advanced Grant
Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate
Organic Reactions Lectureship, USA
Boehringer-Ingelheim Lectureship, Canada
Visiting Professor at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
AstraZeneca Award in Organic Chemistry
2007 OBC-Lecture Award
Award of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie
100 Masterminds of Tomorrow, Germany
JSPS Fellowship Award, Japan
Wiechert Lectureship, FU-Berlin, Germany
Novartis Young Investigator Award
AstraZeneca European Lecturer 2005
Visiting Professor at Gakushuin University, Tokyo/Japan
The Society of Synthetic Chemistry, Japan: 2005 Lectureship Award
Lieseberg-Price of the University of Heidelberg
"Lecturer's Award" of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie
Degussa Prize for Chirality in Chemistry
Carl-Duisberg-Memorial Award of the German Chemical Society
Synthesis-Synlett Journal Award
Feodor-Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
NaFöG-Award from the City of Berlin

University of Cologne
Lectures "Organocatalysis"

since 2017
Advisory Council of the Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
since 2015
Editor-in-Chief "Synlett", Thieme
since 2011
Regional Editor "Synlett", Thieme
since 2010
Member of the Editorial Advisory Panel "Nature Communications"
since 2008
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board "Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry"
since 2005
Editor "Synfacts", Thieme
Programme Coordinator of the DFG Priority Programme SPP1179
Editor: "Asymmetric Organocatalysis", Topics in Current Chemistry
Editor: "Organocatalysis", Chemical Reviews
Co-Editor, Special Edition: "Organocatalysis", Adv. Synth. Cat

New method of scientific reviewing developed at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung: “intelligent-crowd-reviewing” accelerates and improves the review process

Prof. List and his Ph.D. student Denis Höfler have developed "intelligent-crowd-reviewing" as a new online-collaboration-tool, which offers many advantages to classical peer reviewing and benefits from referee interaction.

You can find the nature article here:

Two awards for Dr. Manuel van Gemmeren – Ph.D. Student of the institute receives Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award

Dr. Manuel van Gemmeren who worked until February 2015 in the department of Homogeneous Catalysis has just received two prestigious awards for his outstanding research work. At the annual meeting of the Max Planck Society in Saarbrücken he was honoured with the Otto Hahn Medal and the Otto Hahn award. The awards were granted for his development of exceptionally active and selective organocatalysts.

Dr. Mattia Monaco from List Group is finalist for the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize

Dr. Mattia Monaco, who worked until January 2016 in the List Group at the Max-Planck-Insitut für Kohlenforschung, is one of the 45 finalists for the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize. The team of Reaxys received nearly 450 submissions with top class quality.

The representative paper of Dr. Mattia Monaco is entitled: "Activation of Carboxylic Acids in Asymmetric Organocatalysis" published in Angewandte Chemie, 2014.

Ben List ist very proud of his former PhD-student and sends congratulations.

Another prestigious award for Benjamin List: Catalysis researcher receives ERC Advanced Grant from European Research Council

Again within a few months, the research work of Benjamin List, director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung and leader of the department for Homogeneous Catalysis, was honoured with one of the most important and highly respected research awards. After recently receiving the prestigious Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize from the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) the 48-year-old researcher was now awarded with the ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. Both the ERC Advanced Grant as well as the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize include research funding of up to € 2.5 million.

These are great news for the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim and also for Benjamin List, who receives the ERC Advanced Grant for the second time. The grant will support the research work of List concerning the establishment of a new class of catalysts based on strong carbon-based acids.

Benjamin List revceives the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize

The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize is the most important research award in Germany. The Leibniz Programme, established in 1985, aims to improve the working conditions of outstanding researchers, expand their research opportunities, relieve them of administrative tasks, and help them employ particularly qualified early career researchers. A maximum of €2.5 million is provided per award.


Research Topics



Our research aims towards the invention of new strategies for the development of "perfect chemical reactions" that combine quantitative yields and high atom economy, while not requiring toxic solvents, protecting groups, heating, cooling, or inert gas atmosphere. We approach this ultimate goal by using selective catalysis based on small organic molecules. In recent years it has been demonstrated that these organocatalysts can be as efficient and selective as the more commonly used metal-based catalysts, resulting in an “explosive” research activity in this new and exciting area of Organocatalysis.



We explore small-molecule amines as asymmetric catalysts for carbonyl transformations. “Asymmetric Aminocatalysis” functions by activating carbonyl compounds as iminium ions and enamines using a catalytic amount of an amine. Our strategy complements existing catalytic methods based on chiral acids and bases that typically involve metals. After our studies on the first asymmetric proline-catalyzed intermolecular aldol reaction in 2000, we realized that enamine catalysis has the potential to be a general strategy for the catalytic utilization of carbanion equivalents. Since then we have discovered several other transformations that can be catalyzed by primary or secondary amines. Currently our research aims towards the synthesis and identification of new catalyst structures to tackle further exciting and challenging problems and to discover new amine-catalyzed transformations.

Brønsted Acid Catalysis
Brønsted Acid Catalysis

Brønsted Acid Catalysis

Due to the vast number of reactions that can be catalyzed by Brønsted acids a core area of our research focuses on the development and application of chiral organic Brønsted acids for asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis (ACDC).To date, our efforts in this field have yielded a variety of chiral Brønsted acids, whose potential was demonstrated in a large number of asymmetric transformations. Our SPINOL-derived phosphoric acids, for instance, enabled an asymmetric Fischer-indolization, which could subsequently be applied to the enantioselective synthesis of helically chiral structures. A chiral disulfonimide (DSI) was successfully applied in an enantioselective Torgov-cyclization. The development of imidodiphosphates (IDP) as confined Brønsted acids allowed for a crucial extension of our substrate scope to include small molecules whose enantiofacial differentiation is more difficult, such as the substrates of the asymmetric spiroacetalization, or the selective sulfoxidation of thioethers. Recently, we were able to significantly increase both the acidity and activity of the IDP catalysts by replacing one or both oxygen atoms in the cores with N-arenesulfonyl and N-perfluoroalkanesulfonyl groups, giving rise to the new class of imino-imidodiphosphate (iIDP) and imidodiphosphorimidate (IDPi) catalysts, respectively. These new catalysts allowed for highly enantioselective transformations which could not be realized with any of the previously developed chiral Brønsted acids. A prestigious example of this is the activation of unbiased olefins, which could be realized in the form of an intramolecular hydroalkoxylation, where excellent enantio- and diastereoselectivities were accomplished through fine-tuning of the stereo-controlling element in our IDPi catalysts.



Organic Lewis Acid Catalysis
Organic Lewis Acid Catalysis

Organic Lewis Acid Catalysis

To date, the field of Lewis acid catalysis has been dominated by (transition) metal chemistry. To provide purely organic counterparts to these traditional catalytic systems we are dedicated to the synthesis and identification of organic Lewis acids. In 2009, we demonstrated that our chiral disulfonimides (DSI) are not only excellent Brønsted acids, but form strong Lewis acids upon silylation. These in situ generated Lewis acids facilitated a variety of enantioselective “silyl-transfer” reactions, including a three-component synthesis of homoallylic amines, as well as a Mukaiyama-aldol reaction between aldehydes and silyl ketene acetals. Most DSI-catalyzed transformations, however, are limited to non-enolizable acceptor carbonyl compounds (aldehydes or imines), due to lack of catalytic activity, chemo- and enantioselectivity. Our recently developed, confined and highly acidic imidodiphosphorimidate (IDPi) catalysts have overcome this limitation, and were able to solve long-standing problems in this field, such as the enantioselective Hosomi-Sakurai allylation of aldehydes.

Furthermore, we were able to extend the concept of organic Lewis acid catalysis to a highly enantio- and diastereoselective Diels-Alder reaction, in which only substoichiometric amounts of a silylating agent were required to activate our newly developed binaphthyl-allyl-tetrasulfone (BALT) C-H acid.

Asymmetric Couteranion Directed Catalysis (ACDC)
Asymmetric Couteranion Directed Catalysis (ACDC)

Asymmetric Couteranion Directed Catalysis (ACDC)

Most reactions proceed via charged intermediates and/or transition states. This allows to manipulate the course of a reaction and consequently also its stereochemical outcome by careful choice of a chiral counterion. In asymmetric phase transfer catalysis this concept is well established by using e.g. chiral quaternary ammonium cations. However, the anionic counterpart to this methodology, the use of chiral anions to influence the stereochemical outcome of reactions proceeding via cationic intermediates has been elusive for a long time. In 2006 we disclosed that the combination of a chiral phosphate anion and an achiral amine is a powerful catalytic system for the highly enantioselective transfer hydrogenation of enals in which the asymmetric induction is solely provided by the chiral counteranion. During the last years we have extended this concept to other organocatalytic as well as metal catalyzed transformations, focusing on innovative reactions and potentially new chiral counteranions.

Synthesis of Natural Products and Biologically Active Compounds
Synthesis of Natural Products and Biologically Active Compounds

Synthesis of Natural Products and Biologically Active Compounds

The ultimate goal of method development in organic synthesis is to provide useful and reliable tools for the synthesis of complex molecules such as natural products or biologically relevant compounds and to lead to a better understanding of the underlying principles. The value of a new method is often judged by the number of possible applications and the gain of knowledge it comes along with. In our group we are tackling chemical problems of asymmetric bond construction that are basically unsolved yet. Consequently a successfully developed new method should provide access to useful building blocks that can be used to easily ensemble complex molecules. Therefore the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceuticals is an important element of our research, not only to evaluate the potential of a new method, but also as a stimulus and source of inspiration towards new exciting discoveries.



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    PhD-Student, 01/2006 - 01/2010


  • Dr. Ramon Rios-Torres

    Dr. Rios-Torres, Ramon

    Postdoc, 08/2004 - 03/2006


  • Dr. Sutapa Roy

    Dr. Roy, Sutapa

    Postdoc, 08/2011 - 08/2012


  •  Svetlana Rujin

    Rujin, Svetlana

    Student Assistant, 06/2009 - 05/2011


  •  Natascha Sadlowski

    Sadlowski, Natascha




  •  Manuel  Scharf

    Scharf, Manuel




  •  Franziska Scheel

    Scheel, Franziska

    Student Assistant, 10/2015 - 12/2018


  • Dr. Lucas Schreyer

    Dr. Schreyer, Lucas

    PhD Student 03/2014 - 09/2018, Postdoc 10/2018 - 01/2019


  •  Sebastian Schwengers

    Schwengers, Sebastian



    to publications

  • Dr. Abdul Majeed Seayad

    Dr. Seayad, Abdul Majeed

    Postdoc, 12/2003 - 11/2005


  •  Jayasree Seayad

    Seayad, Jayasree

    AvH Stipendiat, 12/2003 - 11/2005


  • Dr. Grigory Shevchenko

    Dr. Shevchenko, Grigory

    PhD Student, 02/2014 - 09/2018

    to publications

  •  Vikas Kumar Singh

    Singh, Vikas Kumar




  • Dr. Nohemy  Sorto

    Dr. Sorto, Nohemy

    Postdoc, 09/2013 - 08/2015


  • Dr. Michael Stadler

    Dr. Stadler, Michael

    PhD-Student, 11/2004 - 12/2008


  •  Sarah Sulzer-Mosse

    Sulzer-Mosse, Sarah

    Doctoral Candidate, 03/2006 - 03/2008


  •  Keng Foo Tan

    Tan, Keng Foo

    Guest Scientist 01/2015 - 07/2015


  • Dr. Aurélien  Tap

    Dr. Tap, Aurélien

    Postdoc 02/2014 - 04/2016


  • Dr. Gavin Chit Tsui

    Dr. Tsui, Gavin Chit

    Postdoc, 04/2013 - 01/2015

    to publications

  • Dr. Nobuya Tsuji

    Dr. Tsuji, Nobuya

    PhD Student 09/2014 - 09/2018, Postdoc 10/2018 - 01/2019


  •  Mathias Turberg

    Turberg, Mathias



    to publications

  • Dr. Manuel van Gemmeren

    Dr. van Gemmeren, Manuel

    PhD Student 01/2011 - 11/2014 & scientific staff 12/2014 - 02/2015

    to publications

  •  Hendrik van Thienen

    van Thienen, Hendrik




  • Dr. Georgy Varseev

    Dr. Varseev, Georgy

    Postdoc, 10/2009 - 09/2012

    to publications

  • Dr. Sreekumar Vellalath

    Dr. Vellalath, Sreekumar

    Postdoc, 03/2008 - 11/2010


  • Dr. Nicola Vignola

    Dr. Vignola, Nicola

    Postdoc, 07/2003 - 12/2004


  •  Tjostil Vlaar

    Vlaar, Tjostil

    Guest Scientist, 02/2010 - 08/2010


  • Dr. Vijay Wakchaure

    Dr. Wakchaure, Vijay



    to publications

  •  Felix Waldbach

    Waldbach, Felix

    +49 208/306-2435



  •  Pascal Walkamp

    Walkamp, Pascal

    Apprentice / Technician, 09/2005 - 08/2012

    to publications

  • Dr. Quinggang Wang

    Dr. Wang, Quinggang

    Postdoc, 03/2011 - 03/2015

    to publications

  • Dr. Xingwang Wang

    Dr. Wang, Xingwang

    Postdoc, 09/2005 - 08/2008


  • Dr. Matthew Webber

    Dr. Webber, Matthew

    Postdoc, 04/2010 - 10/2012

    to publications

  •  Petra Wedemann

    Wedemann, Petra




  •  Suzanne Willems

    Willems, Suzanne

    PhD Student 01/2017 - 12/2020

    to publications

  • Dr. Youwei Xie

    Dr. Xie, Youwei

    Postdoc, 01/15 - 01/18

    to publications

  • Dr Jung-Woon Yang

    Dr Yang, Jung-Woon

    Postdoc, 10/2003 - 09/2006; Research Assistant, 10/2006 - 01/2009


  •  Naoki Yasukawa

    Yasukawa, Naoki

    guest scientist, 10/2018 - 03/2019


  • Dr. Pinglu Zhang

    Dr. Zhang, Pinglu

    Postdoc, 05/2018 - 02/2021

    to publications

  • Dr. Zhipeng Zhang

    Dr. Zhang, Zhipeng

    Scientific staff, 03/2011 - 02/2014

    to publications

  • Dr. Hui Zhou

    Dr. Zhou, Hui



    to publications

  • Dr Jian Zhou

    Dr Zhou, Jian

    Postdoc, 10/2005 - 09/2008


  • Dr. Chendan Zhu

    Dr. Zhu, Chendan




  •  Kristina Zumbansen

    Zumbansen, Kristina

    PhD-Student, 10/2006 - 10/2010


  •  Alexander Zwerschke

    Zwerschke, Alexander



    to publications



Open positions for postdocs in the reaction design group of Homogeneous Catalysis in ICReDD (Hokkaido University), Japan
We are inviting applications for the position of Postdoctoral Fellow (List group), Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (ICReDD), Hokkaido University as follows.

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