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Bayer honors Nuno Maulide with the Early Excellence in Science Award 2012

Bayer honors Nuno Maulide with the Early Excellence in Science Award 2012

Nuno Maulide, group leader at the Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr, is among the laureates of the “Early Excellence in Science Award 2012” (EESA) of the Bayer AG. This week representatives of the company came to Mülheim to hand the prize over. During the ceremony Nuno Maulide did not only show his passion for Organic Synthesis – but also presented his second talent: he played the piano for his guests and his colleagues.

Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, Executive Director at the Bayer Science & Education Foundation, explained that the EESA is given to the “rising stars in science”. He underlined that the Bayer Foundation wants to support talented young scientists. The award is endowed with 10.00 Euro.

Dr. Axel Trautwein, Head of Small Molecules Research at Bayer CropScience, was pleased that Nuno Maulide is among the awardees – but he was not surprised. He told the audience about a talk that Dr. Maulide once gave at his company. “This talk was impressive and inspiring for all our chemists”, he said.

At the beginning of the ceremony Prof. Dr. Benjamin List, managing director at the Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung, had underlined how happy the institute is about Nuno Maulide’s achievements: “Nuno, we are proud of you.”

In his lecture “Catalytic Rearrangements – Inspiration for Total Synthesis and for the Discovery of Unusual Reactivities” Nuno Maulide explained what these achievements are about. Among other projects Maulide and his group focus on developing new routes to synthesize highly functional small ring molecules. These small molecules are excellent starting points for various active ingredients or natural products.

Afterward Nuno Maulide demonstrated that he is not only passionate about chemistry – but also about playing the piano. He presented his favorite pieces by Frédéric Chopin on a concert grand in the Foyer of the institute, a special delivery for that day.

(In the picture you see: Axel Trautwein, Nuno Maulide, Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord and Benjamin List.)