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Open Positions in the Neumann Group

Research in the Neumann group focuses on new mechanistic approaches towards cleaving strong bonds and achieving high selectivity for products that are liable to undergo further undesired reactions in catalytic reactions relevant for the synthesis of platform chemicals. The lab is engaged in the development of heterogeneous catalysts and catalyst support materials with the goal of rendering access to fuels and platform chemicals more sustainable and energy-efficient.

Positions at the Master, PhD, and postdoc levels are regularly available. Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to neumann((atsign))

For postdoc positions, candidates with a background in organic, organometallic or inorganic chemistry as well as chemical engineering or materials chemistry are encouraged to apply.
Prior experience with MOF synthesis, transition-metal-/electro-/heterogeneous catalysis, or atomic layer deposition is beneficial but not necessary.