Principles of equality

The Max Planck Society has set itself the goal of taking into account women and men in all its decisions in their diversity and targets on the prevention of discrimination. Balanced employment and equal opportunities for both sexes and the reconciliation of work and family life is promoted. All employees, in particular those with managerial responsibilities, are responsible.

The attainment of this goal is to be supported by applying the following Principles of the Equality Enforcement Act (in German).

Furthermore the Max Planck Society has developed a policy against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence.

Equal Opportunities Officer:

The Equal Opportunities Officer has the task of promoting and monitoring equality between women and men, as well as the elimination of existing discrimination and the prevention of future discrimination on grounds of gender in the institution.

It participates in all personnel, organizational and social measures relating to equality between women and men, the reconciliation of work and family life and protection against sexual harassment in the workplace. She's in job advertisements and selection procedures.

In this sense, it also has an advisory and support function for individual employees.

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