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Scientists of the Kohlenforschung get in touch with Nobel Laureates in Lindau

Scientists of the Kohlenforschung get in touch with Nobel Laureates in Lindau

34 Nobel Laureates and 600 young scientists are meeting on the island of Lindau, Bavaria, these days. The 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting has begun. Six scientists of the Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung are among the participants.

"Inspiration for my work"

“I hope that I will get some motivation and inspiration for my work”, says Tobias r, one of our participants. Many of the Laureates received the Nobel prize for their research in the field of catalysis – and this is also what people do  at the Kohlenforschung. Tobias Zimmermann is looking forward to meet Prof Gerhard Ertl, Nobel Laureate of 2007. “I went to university in Munich, and there I had the opportunity to listen to one of his talks”, Tobias Zimmermann says. Ertl is known for his research in surface chemistry. This is the field in which Tobias Zimmermann did his Master thesis. The Max Planck Society issued an article about Tobias' expectations on their website.

Looking forward to meet the Laureates

Ágnes Kozma is part of a research group focused on the synthesis of new ligands and their applications in catalysis. Among the 35 participating Nobel Laureates it is Akira Suzuki whom she is interested in most. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010 for the development of palladium-catalysed cross couplings in organic synthesis. “As the Suzuki coupling is a reaction that I also perform in my laboratory, I am very keen to hear about his work from him directly to gather inspiration and new impetus for my own research,” Ágnes Kozma says.

This special conference, where Lindau turns into a laboratory, will go on for one week. The students may discuss with the Nobel Laureates about their research and about their career perspectives. The organization points out that there are no hierarchies between young researchers and the Laureates: “Lindau is not about status. Lindau is about substance”, says Countess Bettina Bernadotte, president of the council of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

(The picture shows the participants of the Kohlenforschung: Tobias Zimmermann, Manuel Alcarazo, Jens Willwacher, Basker Sundararaju, Mattia Riccardo Monaco and Ágnes Kozma)