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How to reach the Max-Planck-Institute

By car

From the North (Duisburg, A3), the South (Köln, A3) or the West (Düsseldorf / Airport, A52): Leave highway at junction "Kreuz Breitscheid" in direction of Essen. Already in the junction take exit marked "Ratingen - Breitscheid" and continue on federal road B1 through Mülheim. After 8 km the road crosses the Ruhr river and winds up a hill. Near the top keep to the left, take a sharp left turn into Bismarckstraße (note the sign "Max-Planck-Institute"). Follow the third road to the right (there is another sign "Max-Planck-Institute") for 300 m to reach the Institute, entrance Lembkestraße.

From the East (Essen / Dortmund): Coming along on highway A40 you exit at "MH-Heissen /MH-Zentrum". The street continues as federal road B1. After 4 km of winding road you drive up a slope to a traffic light. Continue straight ahead, pass an ARAL gas station on your left, and after further 140 m the main road turns left (and downhill). Continue straight ahead into Bismarckstraße (parallel to the streetcar track - note the sign "Max-Planck-Institute" at this crossing). Follow the third road to the right (there is another sign "Max-Planck-Institute") for 300 m to reach the Institute, entrance Lembkestraße.


By train

Fast and comfortable train connections exist from all major German and European cities to either Essen (North and East) or Duisburg (South and West). From there local trains (S-Bahn, less than 10 min) take you to Mülheim Hauptbahnhof. Continue by taxi to the Institute, entrance Lembkestraße (5-10 min, ca. 8 Euro).

You can also use public transport and take a bus or a tram to the station "Stadtmitte". There tram 104 (Direction Hauptfriedhof) takes you to the station „Max-Planck-Institute“.

Although one can walk in 20 minutes from the station to the Institute, even the simplest route can be confusing for first time visitors: go through the Forum (shopping center), then up Kaiserstrasse to a small park on the right. Cross the park (to a street called Kluse) and continue uphill until you see the laboratory highriser. Pass the laboratory building and turn left to reach the entrance of the Institute on Lembkestraße.


By air

From Düsseldorf Airport, it is most convenient to take a taxi to the Institute (22 km, 20-30 min, ca. 50 Euro). If the taxi driver is not familiar with Mülheim, instructions how to reach the institute by car are given above.

From Düsseldorf Airport there are also frequent direct train connections to Mülheim central station (Hauptbahnhof) which take 15 - 27 minutes depending on the type of train (IC, RE, S-Bahn, direction Dortmund). From Mülheim Hauptbahnhof it is best to take a taxi to the Institute, entrance Lembkestraße (5-10 min). The train and taxi fares combined should be ca. 13 Euro. From Frankfurt Airport there are fast and comfortable hourly train connections (IC or ICE) to Duisburg central station. From there take the local train (S-Bahn) to Mülheim Hauptbahnhof. The ride takes about 2 hours and costs ca. 75 Euro. Continue by taxi to the Institute, entrance Lembkestraße.


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